Born in 1962, married, with three wonderful adult children and eight grandchildren, I am a second-generation alternative practitioner (actually the third generation, because my grandmother was already dealing with nappies, bowl salts and other “treasures” before the alternative practitioner law even existed) and in own practice since 1998.
(My first apprenticeship was to become a bank clerk – a job that I gave up when my children arrived and that I didn’t mourn 🙂)

Working with nutrition and health issues has shaped me all my life – as a daughter of a naturopath, of course, no wonder !.

The intensive and interested examination of this then mainly goes back to the time when my children were born (over 30 years) and we had to inform ourselves and make decisions about what we wanted to do or not do for the well-being of our children. This included topics such as nutrition, cleaning and care products, vaccinations, therapies in the event of illness and much more.

It is my particular concern to support people of all ages to live a healthy and fulfilling life on their own responsibility – without patronizing fashions, prejudices or financial interests of corporations and other opinion leaders.

I particularly care about our children, whose well-being largely depends on the health of the parents, but especially that of the mother.

This has less to do with “the genes” and thus a fateful preload than we usually assume, but much more with the condition of the intestine, the toxicity (toxicity – the sources are diverse and conventional cleaning and care products are included), radiation exposure ( Mobile phones, mobile radio antennas, WiFi, cordless phones, smart meters etc. etc.) and the mother’s nutrient supply – and of course also with the loving expectation during pregnancy and the love and understanding that a child experiences from its parents.

I don’t want to talk down the burdens that are passed on from generation to generation, because we know from research on epigenetics that switching on and off “genetic switches” causes health problems to be passed on due to trauma and environmental conditions.

We also know that these “switches” can be switched back to a life-facing position even if the conditions are good and supportive.

Already during pregnancy and especially in the first years of life, the usual baby food, vaccinations, antibiotics for banal infections and much more put a lot of strain on the little person with his immature immune system.

Chronic illnesses in children, often an enormous burden for the family, have meanwhile become an epidemic in the so-called civilized countries, which we can only stop, everyone individually and in a network with like-minded people, if we learn to heed the laws of creation again.